Video-installation projection and sculptures made of hydrocal, burlap, epoxy putty, chicken wire, steel, wire, paper mache, joint compound, sponge, resin, acrylic, silicone, fabric, faux fur, vinyl, bone, water beads, latex, foam, yarn, moss, projector. 12 FT x 14 FT x 12 FT. 2017.

Fishman’s sculptures recall existing organic bodies, but they operate under entirely different logical and phenomenological systems. They evoke a drastic intervention in nature, a simultaneous schism and grafting that could be the outcome of some futuristic genetic modification or a catastrophic cell culture that swallows a nearby scientist. Her investigation of biological politics emerges in how the larger economy would interact with these individual altered bodies as well as in how excessive disgust can function as a philosophical force. While this presentation could be depressing, Fishman brings along a playful slant amidst the invasion of tech and data into our lives, a contradiction that fits with her consideration of the grotesque and the desirable, the relatable and the uncanny, the excessive and the depleted. We consume the artificial and then it consumes us.







Armature - chicken wire, bucket, steel, burlap, plaster, fiberglass, resin, paper mache